Our products and service

For over 5 years, we have been professionally processing hair. As the first in EU, we introduced the method of quick hair extension "bio tape on". Kisscurls BIO tape is a solid and flexible hair tape, handmade by professional wig makers. The quality of our tapes is unbeatable in the world. Our work is very detailed, and each BIO tape is carefully made with love. Our BIO tapes are produced in Poland❤️

✔️ Each standard package contains 4 bio tapes: two side bio tapes about 7-10 cm wide, a tape about 15-18 cm wide, and a tape about 25-30 cm wide. Each tape is about 1-2 mm thick.

✔️ We also offer incomplete sets for women who only want to thicken the temple area or add some volume to the hairstyle. For those who want to try bio tape-on method, we have small sets for sale.

✔️ We also fulfill individual orders tailored to your needs. To order, raw hair bundles are available for sale on our "Choose a Set" page. During the purchase, you can specify your individual size requirements. For example, "I want 4 bio tapes - 30 cm, 15 cm, and two 6 cm." You can also message us on Instagram. We are ready to help and answer any questions.

 ✔️ Great news! In addition to standard products, we also offer hair reshaping service. We manufacture bio tapes from your own raw hair bundles, from capsules or tape-ins. We can make 2-3 bio tapes from 250 capsules or 50 tape-ins.