Why Bio tape hair extensions

  • New Technology

    Our innovative tape-making technique enables the creation of thin, flexible, and densely packed tape-ins — monotapes.

    We offer sets in varying weights and prices, so clients can choose and experience this method. You can purchase a single, long monotape or two smaller ones to thicken hair around your temples.

  • Invisible and imperceptible

    The tape is very thin, flexible, and practically imperceptible to the touch. It is completely invisible on the hair.

    monotapes are comfortable to wear because they are installed between the client's own hair strands.

    They contain significantly more hair than classic tape-on tapes and take up less space on the head. Even in strong winds and bright sunshine, no one will notice that the hair is extended.

  • Easy to install at home

    One monotape weighs as much as 20 standard tape-on sandwich tapes for extensions, making it much easier and faster to apply the extensions yourself. Our clients can apply a full set in no more than 20 minutes using our video instructions. After 1-3 months, you should use tape removal solution to remove the monotape. Then, replace adhesive tape with a new one and reapply the same monotape.

  • For Daily Wear up to 2 Months

    Kisscurls monotapes are designed for everyday wearing comparing to products made for occasional events. You may safely sleep with monotapes, wash style, and cut just like your own hair without re-installments for up to 8 weeks.

  • Reusable

    monotape can be reused multiple times. One application of monontape lasts for a period of 1 to 2 months, depending on the type of adhesive tape used. After this time, the adhesive tape should be replaced and the same set should be applied again. The length and weight of the hair does not decrease. The lifespan of the hair is over 1.5 year.

  • High-quality Natural Hair

    We use 100% natural and healthy Remy hair of the highest quality. Remy hair has preserved the hair cuticle, arranged in one direction. They are suitable for multiple use, soft and gentle to the touch. The technique of coloring our hair is significantly more delicate, allowing us to maintain a smooth structure and healthy appearance of the hair. We do not apply any silicones to the hair! You can style the hair with hot tools, and also wash and dry it just like your own hair.

  • Safe for Hair

    The method of hair extension using monotapes has been recognized by experts worldwide as the safest method for hair, even for thin and sparse hair! The application process does not require the use of hot tools. The distribution of monotape weight on the roots is even and does not harm your hair.