About Us

My name is Ana, and I have been professionally doing hair extensions for 8 years. I am also the owner of a small hair workshop in Poland, where we dye hair and create hair products ourselves. In my practice, I use various hair extension methods, such as the keratin bonds method, the tape on sandwich method, and the unique Bio Tape technique.

Why Bio Tape? 

I have been wearing hair extensions for almost 10 years. I tried many different hair extension techniques, but none were perfect. As someone with thinning hair, traditional extension methods didn't work for my fine and thin hair. The keratin method was not suitable for my thin, thin hair, it was expensive, and the sandwich method was too complicated to install on my own. This prompted me to create my own, ideal technique, Bio Tape.

Bio tape is unique for several reasons:

  • Perfect for thin and sparse hair because it does not require a hot or harmful process
  • Easy to put on and take off at home, regardless of where you are in the world. You save time and money by skipping visits to salons.
  • Very thin and incredibly comfortable to wear.
  • Almost invisible on the hair, it makes your hairstyle look completely natural.
  • You can wear it for 3-6 weeks without having to worry about combing, washing your hair or sleeping with it. This is a convenient and practical solution.
  • Bio tape is the most economical method of hair extension because you do not lose the length or weight of your hair during correction
  • Bio tape can be worn all year round.

For women with fine hair, I recommend using our own dry and replaceable adhesive tape, designed specifically for Biotape applications. There are many adhesive tapes on the market, but they are often either too sticky and difficult to remove, or do not hold the hair well.

Our services

  • Choosing the Right Color: By sending us a photo of your hair, we can help you pick the perfect set color. Your kit will be on its way to you within 2-3 business days.
  • Individual Order:  If you haven't found the perfect color or length on our website, just send us a photo of your hair and we will match the color and create a set tailored to your needs. Fulfillment of an individual order within 7 business days.
  • We replicate modern hair coloring techniques:  We also offer a service of copying hair patterns based on photos. By mixing different hair colors, we are able to repeat popular coloring techniques such as Sombre, Shatush, Balayage, Air Touch, Babylights.
  • Darkening the Roots:  we color the roots of the hair extensions before creating the Bio tape.
  • Transformation from keratin bonds and Tape On tapes:  We offer the transformation of previously removed capsules or tapes into comfortable Biotapes. For example, 150-200 capsules can be used to make 3-4 bio-tapes.
  • Hair reconstruction:  In order to extend the durability of your BioTape, we offer reconstruction and keratin hair straightening services on BioTape.

How can you contact us and place an order?

  • Ready-made Bio Tape sets are available on our website kisscurls.com and can be delivered within 2 days. 🛒 
  • If you have questions or need consultation, we are available on WhatsApp at +48 572 177 020.
  • You can also contact us through our Instagram profile - kisscurls_hair 💬