Color & length match


a. Match the bio tape shade to the ends of your own hair, not to the color close to the roots.

b. It's better to choose a shade slightly lighter than the ends, but not darker.

c. Bio tape can be dyed to any darker shade.

d. Choose a set with a hair structure similar to your own.

 Each set is unique and has a unique color and structure.


We take photos of the hair in maximum quality and in daylight to convey the true hair color, however, color reproduction on different devices may be different, which may affect the shade. If you have any doubts, contact us on Instagram, WhatsApp, or email and request more photos of a particular set.



If you need personal consultation:

a. Take 2-3 photos of your hair from the back, in daylight, so that the ends of your hair are visible.

b. Do not use filters on photos.

c. Send us a photo of your hair via Instagram, WhatsApp or email, and we will help you choose the perfect set.