Hair Care Guide

Our hair extensions are made from 100% natural hair with intact cuticle. To ensure that your hair extensions last as long as possible, we recommend taking care of them just like you would your own hair. Keep in mind that hair extensions require more nourishment and moisture as they do not have a source of nutrients.

Proper hair washing:

Do not apply hair care products such as masks, conditioners, or oils directly to the roots of the hair and directly to bio tape. Use non-removable hair care products and conditioners after every hair wash. Use warm water and avoid washing your hair with hot water. Use deeply nourishing hair masks 1-2 times a week.

Drying hair and using styling tools:

Use a heat protectant spray. Use the warm air setting when drying your hair with a hairdryer. Avoid directing hot air onto the tape or touching it with hot styling tools.


Use a soft comb without ball-tipped bristles to comb your hair gently. Start combing from the ends of your hair and gently brush it towards the roots. Do not comb wet hair.


Do not bleach your hair after applying tape-in (bio tapes) extensions. Each coloring should be done only with a test strand or under the supervision of a specialist. Using purple shampoo/conditioner for toning should be done separately in a sink, not on your head. Kisscurls bio tapes can be colored at your own risk. Keep in mind that any chemical treatments (dyeing, bleaching, keratin straightening) performed on the hair will void the warranty.


No need to remove bio tapes before going to bed. Sleep with your hair in a loose braid that is completely dry to extend the life of your bio tape-ons. Do not sleep with wet hair. 

Removing / Reapplying:

One application of bio tapes can last from 1 to 3 months depending on the type of adhesive tape used for replacement. During this time there is no need to remove bio tapes before going to bed. After 1-2 months, it is recommended to remove and reapply the bio tapes. The same set of biotapes can be re-glued many times (from 6 to 15 and more).

 By following these tips for caring for your hair extensions, you can extend their lifespan and keep them looking healthy and beautiful. Remember to treat your hair extensions with care, and they will serve you well.